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The person, János Bihari was born in Nagyabony in October 21, 1764 and fascinated the world with his art until 1827. His father was a gipsy fiddler also. He formed the famous band when moved to Pest in 1801, although as a restless wanderer went to Vienna also where some of his work were published. Around 1818 he went to Veszprem several times where Ignác Ruzitska became his patron and friend. The best years of his career were around 1820 and slowly declined later. Unfortunately he broke his left arm in 1824 causing his brilliant virtuosity end, although he played when the Queen was crowned in Pozsony. He lived lonely in the old age.
He was an outstanding performer in the ealy 19th century and the most remarkable representative of the verbunk style. With János Levotta and Antal Csermák the romantic virtuose trio was formed. It is said that the Rákóczi March was written by him.
Balatonfüred wa the place where the verbunk music was born and spread from. Bihari was one of the representative of this style.


Bihari János Dance Ensemble
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