20. April 2018.  
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The story

Only twenty-some of us started in 1954. Now more than two hundred children, youngsters and adults pass on the spirit of the workshop and the warm of this second home will come down to the next generations.
Our ensamble is seeking the different ways of putting the Hungarian folk dance to stage from the beginning. The heritage for us is not only historical collection but shall be handled as an active material an base of the newer and newer choreographies.
The founder of the Bihari János Folk Dance Ensemble, Ferenc Novák said these worlds on our 40th anniversary.
Our upholder is the Bihari János Cultural Foundation and our biggest patrons are the Nemzeti Kulturális Örökség Minisztériuma, Nemzeti Kulturális Alapprogram, Területi Művelõdési Intézmények Egyesülete and the VII. Kerületi Polgármesteri Hivatal.


Bihari János Dance Ensemble
H-1072 Budapest, Hungary. 32. Akácfa str. | Phone,Fax: +36-1-322-2893

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